My Favorite View in Atlanta

This is my favorite Atlanta view. Isn’t it amazing? It is the view as seen from Freedom Parkway and Boulevard.

And this is my favorite house. I haven’t actually been inside this house but has a front row seat to my favorite view!

When I was building out my lofts on Krog Street I watched as this house was being built. I had heard that it had been a little warehouse that had once housed a car repair business. The owner bought it and fought to be able to build on to it. I have always have loved it and would look at it and wonder what it was like looking out from within. I have watched over time how the the trees and gardens on the decks have matured. Mine at Krog Street have too.

I was in Danneman’s recently and met the woman that built this wonderful place and she lives there. I told her that it was my favorite house in Atlanta but I don’t know if she really believed me.

Although I have not been inside I know without a doubt that I will go inside sooner or later and I will see it for myself. I the meantime, I am savoring the wait. I actually think it may be as great as I think it is.