My Hotel Fetish

Knowing how much I love the design of the Ace Hotel, Kate, Barrista extraordinaire at Danneman’s Coffee, sent me a link to a New York Times article about the design of the latest Ace Hotel which will open in March in New York City at 20 West 29th Street ( Broadway). There is also an Ace in Seattle, which was the first, Palm Springs most recently, and in Portland. I stayed in the Ace in Portland while visiting my son who was going to school in Oregon and blogged about it at the timetwice. I was absolutely entranced with the design details in the rooms, the common spaces, the bar and restaurant, the coffee shop, the front desk, well actually with every bit of it. Alex Calderwood one of a group of friends who started the ACE, describes the design as

celebrating the everyday with utilitarian objects.

While this approach which includes using plumbing pipes for bathroom shower and towel rods is not really unusual, the fact that every aspect of the Hotel was congruent with that look led to a completely delightful experience. Even though my 22 year old daughter might say that the Ace was designed for by and for hipster douche bags right out of Urban Outfitters, it works for me.

I loved that everywhere I looked the details were impeccable. For instance, the standard minibar was replaced with a small wood box filled with specialty items.

And that was placed on a utilitarian style desk next to a turntable with a basket of old LPs.

The Eames style desk chair was marked with a stenciled stamp with hotel info on it like it would if it had been military issue or from some old school system.

The bathroom sink accutremonts,not unusual for us loft inhabitants, were just unusual to see in a hotel.

Be sure to click on the extra interactive piece attached to the Times article showing some of the new design items Calderwood and designer Robin Standerfiled speced for the New York Hotel.