Love Letters to my Loft


Love Letters

Recently, my loft was featured on the Apartment Therapy blog .
They asked me about the inspiration for my use of color and I  said,

While designing and building my loft from an old cotton sorting warehouse, I fell madly in love with a man who had a special sense of design and love of shapes and colors that complemented and played off my crazy ideas. In the late afternoons after the crews went home we would sit in the nearly finished space with our paint decks and talk, argue and laugh about the colors as if they were old friends. “Oh, there’s always our old friend Corinthian, but he may not relate all that well with Adam’s Gold. . .” Now eight years later, I will catch a glimpse of a spot where several colors come together and I am awed at what we created. The attention to detail and the happiness that it was based upon has imbued this space with a magical spirit that is palpable to all.

Color Tip:

Go for it and make it your own. Daniel Pinkwater’s character, Mr. Plumbean, from The Big Orange Splot,has the right idea,

My house is me and I am it. My house is where I want to be and it looks like all my dreams

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