Only One Left!


Heres how it works. I have done so many open houses at the Wigwam that it looks like I live there. I have spent mucho dollars on advertising and also Realtor caravans. I have had postcards printed up and have had several magazine articles about the Wigwam Annex. Everyone loves it but but but… they have no down payment, their book contract falls through, they can’t sell their house or fill in the blank and what finally happens after ten months of this slow torture? Duane talks about the Wigwam to Glen, his new hair stylist at the Edge on Edgewood while he was getting his haircut the other day, and Glen tells his friend Gina who comes the next day, sees it, loves it ( as everyone does) and then her husband, Rob comes over and he loves it. their boxer loves it and all this has transpired in less than two weeks. They are closing ( for a lot less than 299K but oh well…) on the downstairs unit of the Wigwam Annex this Friday. And I am very happy. And I know they will really like living there. And Glen is going to really love going to Kevin Rathbun Steak! rear-entrance-583-jk

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