Cool Little Eye-Fi solves Photo Uploading Woes

eye-fi_card_sharergbThis falls in the category of a very cool new trick. Sometimes something comes along that truly makes one’s life easier. I know there are always new technologies coming down the pike but how many times do you get something and you can barely understand how to use a tenth of it? So now I am here to share with you what might be one of your most used devices of the year. Introducing Eye-Fi. This is a little orange 4 gig memory card that goes into your camera to replace your old one and then it is magic. You go stand within ten feet of your computer and depending on which level you get it will 1) upload all of the photos on it to your computer, or 2) your computer and a website (like Flickr) or 3) your photos and movies to your computer and a website. Now how is that for a dream answered?

I have been telling our City Councilman, Kwanza Hall that he needs to stop taking pictures with his Blackberry because they are all blurry. Kwanza is active on Facebook and Twitter and is all over Atlanta. He posts lots of fuzzy photos that cause you to squint and wonder if you are going blind. I asked him about it and he said that he can’t use his little camera because the memory card is always full. He explained that being on the run he forgets to go through the tedious process to unload his photos. Now I have just solved his problem. All of Atlanta will be thanking me for getting him squared away with this little piece of new technology. Chalk this one up to a New Trick that is going to make us all really happy.

Setting up a New Blog Site

orange_bone_medNew Tricks is helping my sister Linda start a blog site. We got her a domain name on Go Daddy. They have .me domain names readily available which I think are great. In fact New Ticks is a .me domain. Linda was able to obtain Now isn’t that cool for only 14.00 per year?

Along with the domain name we got her a delux hosted account. It takes several hours for them to make it active but then you can go to apps and have GO Daddy install a copy of Wordpress and a database for a blog site. We just got her set up and now we are going to look for a theme. More to come later.

Republican National Committee RFP for Web Design

I kind of feel sorry for them. Michael Steele has put out an RFP for a website design for the Republican National Committee. Duane sent it to me and thought Dene and I might like to have New Tricks, send them a proposal. No Way!

Steele says,

If we haven’t done it – let’s do it. If we haven’t thought of it- lets think of it. If it hasn’t been tried- Why not? If it’s going to be outside the box-then not only keep it outside the box, but take it someplace the box hasn’t reached yet.

They are pitiful, sort of following along trying to be cool. With all of the creativity of fourth graders copying the smart guy’s homework, they get a black chairman. They most likely think he is “cool” since he uses slang such as the term “Baby”, ( as in “That’s right, Baby”) in every other sentence. It is hard to believe the mighty have stooped this low. But while it seemed that the Republicans could not be stopped when Bush/Cheeney were in office, they really only served themselves with little thought of taking care of the party or the people. And now they are scurrying around trying to catch up with the Obama machine in the cool technology department. Not a chance. It is like watching a bad performance of someone that doesn’t know how bad they are.

Using Social Marketing to Job hunt

I like this idea, great social marketing. Rebecca Keegan is fresh,funny and unemployed. She is the former Hollywood corespondent for Time Magazine and now, since she lost that plum job, she is going around Hollywood being filmed doing interviews with interesting people with whom she might get a job. See her interview of Watchman Director Zach Snyder. I know about Rebecca through her husband Marty Keegan (at the end of the video, her is the guy on the couch playing at playing the guitar).

Marty stayed here with us in Atlanta, at the Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast, while his short film, Verboten, was in the film competition at Dragon Con. He didn’t know before he scheduled a five day stay , what Dragon Con was exactly, so when he found out, he spent a lot of time hanging out with me. It was great to have Marty here as a guest, since Duane was out of town for three weeks setting up the Republican convention. I was really glad he turned out not to be one of those pale, paunchy guys that dress up like Darth Vader, and have never had a date. His film won an award too.

You might ask,”What the heck is Twitter?”

I have been hounding people in my life to get on Facebook. It is just so much easier than to have to keep people updated by e-mail. But then there is also Twitter. It is even harder to explain. But when the Senators are sitting there during Obama’s speech twittering like a bunch of highschool students then you know something is up. Here is a great little video of how it works. Tweet Tweet.

New Tricks Design and Social Network Marketing

box_dog_275 It’s always a sign that something’s up when I don’t post for a week or so. So in the past two weeks, I have started a new business. Actually, I have named a business that I was basically doing under the auspices of JC Knight Properties,Inc which sounds kind of BLAND. It also really does not go with what I am doing. So what Am I Doing? Our new name is New Tricks Design. The idea is that my design work is a little different than the ordinary ho hum. It is on the edge without being edgy. I have always seemed to have a knack for getting in on a trend on the front end of the spectrum. After the building