An Open Letter to Those People Seeking to Take Advantage of People Suffering from the Oli Spill

Posted July 23rd, 2010 by judi

Southern Breeze Townhome Navarre beach Florida

Dear Stephanie,
Regarding your question,

Do you have any specials on your Navarre Beach house due to the oil spill ?

I imagine that you don’t have any idea how much it costs to keep a house at the beach. We were just getting back on our feet after having to rebuild our little gem of a gulf front townhome after it was completely destroyed by hurricane Ivan four years ago. The upkeep is enormous yet we can’t sell because the values have fallen way below what we have into it. Just this summer we had a nearly full reservation calendar where the rentals actually covered the mortgage for that month. The cancellations have been tough especially since the beaches are beautiful and though there have been a few tar balls, ten people come to scoop up each one from the sand the moment it hits.

I’m just sayin’ that when you write and ask for a discount at a time like this, you are basically trying to get yourself a vacation on the suffering of others. I am sure you can find someone desperate enough to take anything, but I welcome you to take the high road and come stay at this amazing beach and pay the regular, very reasonable price to support those of us who are yet again, in the midst of a terrible crisis. It’s your choice, but it all comes back to you.

Navarre Properties is our property management and you can make reservations and check the availability on the Navarre Properties web site page. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find the reservation calendar for our unit.

Navarre Beach Southern Breeze Dune Walkover

3 Responses to: “An Open Letter to Those People Seeking to Take Advantage of People Suffering from the Oli Spill”

  1. Zach McCorkle responds:
    Posted: July 24th, 2010 at 11:33 am

    I agree with you whole heartedly! You put that in a very nice tone but were to the point. I own a Destin condo and had a woman chastise me for not accepting her offer of $500.00 for the 4th of July week. The people that you discount for are generally people who either can’t afford a vacation for one reason or another, or people who are too cheap to go on vacation. It has been my experience that those are the people who steal towels, beach umbrellas, hair dryers, etc. Then when confronted they will try to deflect responsibility by claiming that there was something wrong with the condo. They are not worth the hassle!

  2. Arthur Frey responds:
    Posted: July 24th, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    I own a condo in Orange Beach Al ,I am fed up with peoples stupid request and offers including one that said how about renting me your condo for $30 per night,then you file a claim with BP,they will reimburse you 100% and you will have made an extra $30 to which I replied how about you paying 100% of the rental cost and then YOU file a claim with BP…..Another offered to pay $39 per night,but only if I agreed to drop the cleaning fee and tax….My reply…I think you are looking for a motel 6 not a beachfront condo,perhaps you can check out the YMCA or salvation army,to which he replied ..been there and done that…..I also had one that refused to pay for cleaning to which I replied,any guest that is willing to come to an uncleaned unit and sleep on soiled sheets and linens,and use previouly used unwashed towels is not a guest I want in my unit……

  3. amy vice responds:
    Posted: August 31st, 2010 at 9:34 am

    Thank you so much for your response to this person. I work with a property management company here on Dauphin Island, AL and this is the type email we get every day, 50 times a day. They want to “help the gulf coast and the people in the community” but, “what’s the best deal you can give me”.

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