Photo Shoot – Christmas Madness in August

It is late and I am tired and the production people are just wrapping up for the day now at 11:55 PM. Today Fizz City Films did a big photo shoot here for a Belk’s Christmas commercial. There were a million people – well at least thirty. And there was stuff and equipment and Christmas decorations everywhere.

Usually these shoots are a little more contained but this one spread out all over into most of the rooms in the house. We had presents and Christmas cookies, ornaments and bright lights strewn all over. There have been many films and commercials shot here at 130 Krog and I am always amazed at how much effort goes into making even a thirty second spot. And I know from experience that as wild as it gets they always leave it just as they found it. Maybe even better.

Did I mention that I am tired? Did I mention how much they pay? They are also shooting tomorrow, so it’s not over quite yet.