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I just got the sweetest letter from one of my Southern Breeze beach house renters. The good news was they loved staying there. The bad news, their year old baby ripped one of my coffee table books.
My husband, Isaac, and I are staying in Southern Breeze 8177 this week and are having the time of our lives. Your place is so beautifully decorated…as Isaac said, the beach is a perk! However, we have a 1-year old daughter who is exploring every nook and cranny, and she tore the cover of the Mermaids: Nymphs of the Sea book before we could move it to safer ground. I am so sorry. I know it is no longer in print, but I have found one online that we are purchasing to replace yours. I just wanted to know the best address where they can send it. It should only take about a week to arrive.

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful beach home.
We would love to return if this incident hasn’t not caused you too much grief! It will be replaced as soon as we get an address.

Angela A.

I have really been impressed with how great the people are who have rented our beach houses (this one, the one that blew completely away and the one we sold before that) Being the maniac that I am I have really nice things in them. It is that thing about creating the perfect vignette.

In our first Navarre Beach house, I had a down chair-and-a-half chaise slip-covered with green and white striped ticking. My brother-in-law, John, was getting on my case about it saying that people were going to ruin it by sitting on it with wet bathing suits. I had an old quilt draped over the back of it and people used that to sit on it if they were not quite dry. The day we sold the house it looked as good as new and that chaise lives on today in my ex-husband’s house since it was one of the things Paul really cared about when we split up.

John also thought I should count the silverware after each person left. I just laughed, because in my experience, if you give people a wonderful environment, they appreciate and take care of it. Paul and I use to have a little honey moon cottage in the backyard of our house on Oakdale Rd that we rented out as a bed and breakfast. Sometimes after people left, I couldn’t even tell that anyone had stayed there it was so clean afterwards.

So thanks Angela A, for letting me know about the book. I hope you come back. You are welcomed to stay at Southern Breeze anytime you want.walkover-2