Shopping for Caskets On-line

Handmade walnut Casket
Handmade walnut Casket

My friend Robyn just called with sad news that her good friend Lynn’s brother just died from a very quick bout of cancer. Robyn had been to my Dad’s funeral and called me to find out where we got his casket.

You see when my Dad died was dying he was worried about spending too much for his funeral. One of my sisters and I  went to the local funeral home to see about making arrangements and we hated the casket selection. They had aluminum looking metal ones in various colors, that looked like space capsules and were just awful. The wood ones in addition to being really expensive appeared to have the same shiny finish as a Haverty’s dining room suite. And the interiors were made from cheap shiny  fabric you’d see on the Adams family.

When we came home I went on-line to check things out and do some comparison shopping. With just a few clicks I happened  upon the perfect handmade casket. The Trappist monks of New Melleray Abbey in Iowa make beautiful, hand finished caskets from walnut, oak and pine. We ended up ordering the Walnut model which cost just $2,650. They shipped it to us and it arrived in just a day or two and as I recall the cost of shipping was very reasonable. The funeral home was giving us a little grief for wanting to provide our own casket, but by state law they have to let you bring your own casket without incurring additional charges.In fact the monks can deliver it right to the funeral home.

My Mom and Dad really liked that it was made by Monks and we all thought it was kind of funny that we were getting his casket on -line and in times like those you need to take your laughs where you can get them.

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