Song for “Misses” Palin

Duane came across this song written and sung about and to Sarah Palin by two Russian guys, Vlad and Boris. It is hilarious. I hope these poor guys don’t have long to wait until she is back in Alaska. Then they can look at her through the ” teliscop” they made themselves, “out of duck tape and the thing that holds the rapping paper”. You betcha!

Meanwhile over here in Inman Park things are heating up, as evidenced by the fact that someone stole my sister Mary’s McCain sign from her yard on Sinclair. I wouldn’t have stooped to that myself, but I have to admit that I am glad it is gone.

2 thoughts on “Song for “Misses” Palin

  1. OMG!!!
    This is hilarious!
    What’s great,
    is that it’s obviously
    2 gay guys in Moscow
    whom Sarah Palin
    completely doesn’t acknowledge
    as a valid union.
    Great stuff!
    I posted it on my Facebook page too…
    Thanks Judi!

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