Craig the Basset Hound ate 20 Dates Stuffed with Coconut and Rolled in Sugar


No Craig didn’t actually roll in sugar, but he did eat the dates stuffed with a nut and coconut which were rolled in powdered sugar. I was kind of worried since I was having a party that night and expected a gigantic stomach ache at the least. But no he seemed fine. People didn’t know that even though Craig is very short, he is very long and therefore could get up to the table and help himself. Thank goodness my husband saw him before he started on the second plate.

My Dogs are Blogging Again

My three amigosMy friend Joe says there are definite signs that I am in between jobs and have what he calls “too much time on my hands”. One of them is when my dogs start blogging. A few years ago, I signed up for a Dogster account and fooled around with that for a bit. That is actually what prompted me to start my own blog. I went into Google and searched on my business name, J.C.Knight Properties, Inc, and what came up in the search engine was my dog, Craig’s Dogster Diary. That was a wake up call and a lesson on search engine optimization. It seems that there are several reasons blogs are cruised by the bots more regularly one is that the content is updated more frequently, another is that they like the linking that goes on in most blogs.

Shortly after that lesson I started my Word Press blog. I have been having fun with it but haven’t really optimized it to bring in more business. My original website, I did back in the Dark Ages with Microsoft ‘s FrontPage, is still up. I have been meaning to incorporate all of the content with my blog, but haven’t. It is more fun and easier to