Craig the Basset Hound ate 20 Dates Stuffed with Coconut and Rolled in Sugar


No Craig didn’t actually roll in sugar, but he did eat the dates stuffed with a nut and coconut which were rolled in powdered sugar. I was kind of worried since I was having a party that night and expected a gigantic stomach ache at the least. But no he seemed fine. People didn’t know that even though Craig is very short, he is very long and therefore could get up to the table and help himself. Thank goodness my husband saw him before he started on the second plate.

658 Studio Launch and Art Sale

Mary’s Felted Heart Business is ready to roll in the 658 Studio building on Angier Avenue in the Old Fourth Ward. She shares her space with Emile, a soap maker whose business is called “Mama”. It is a really great idea to share space with a soap maker because it smells divine in there! Last time I was there to drop off a few more decorative elements, Emile had just whipped up a tray of lemon soap and it had so much lemon zest in it that it looked kind of hairy which sounds bad but was really nice. MMMmmm…

Mark Needelman, The Art of Construction

blog-075Mark Needelman is an artist first and a construction person only by happenstance since he really is an artist in everything he does and he one of those people who can do anything ( welds, sews, makes airplanes, fixes cars, does concrete sculptures, dances, does CPR on people choking in restaurants, listens carefully). I have had the pleasure of working with him on Mary Sweeney’s Felted Heart studio. It was a dumpy little cinderblock cave and together we transformed it into a wonderful work space in the 658 Studios on Angier Avenue.

How do you spell FUN?

img_1814 I have been working on my sister Mary’s new studio called the, The 658 Studios. It is located in a mixed-use section of the Old Fourth Ward Neighborhood on Angier avenue off of Glen Iris. This building is located on what will be the front row seat of the new park that is going to run from City Hall East and eventually hook up to Freedom Parkway Trail. When Mary and her husband bought the building, this 60’s era warehouse was already divided into 3 live-work units. When the lease was up in the rear unit, we began renovating the space to house Mary’s Felted Heart children’s clothing business that she has been running from her Inman Park Home. Mary and her husband and two children are all delighted that soon they will have their living room and den back.

Danneman’s Coffee Open Tomorrow

Congratulations to Joe and Kate on passing the inspection, and to Grant and I for the great design and the top notch group of baristas that Kate hired and all of the other people that have had a hand in pulling this coffee shop out of a hat in just a few weeks. It is the kind of place that makes me want to sit and visit all afternoon. Grant says we need a group hug! I say we need a double latte.

Looking Super

Danneman’s is now painted and the old furniture has been purchased by Bobby at the Pizza place down the street, so it is mostly cleaned out. Grant and I started bringing in and arranging all of our treasures . It’s pretty funny that we are both obsessed in the same way. We arrange things and then have to stand around and admire it. We even went back over there tonight. I had gone to Home Depot and bought two palms for either side of the front door. Grant met me over at the building to help me get them out of the car and bring them inside. But truth be told, we both just wanted to see how it looked at night and congratulate each other on how great it’s looking.

Sun in our Bellys

Saturday, Grant and I went out junking on our quest to gather some special things for Danneman’s Coffee in the Old 4th Ward. Grant and I balance each other out pretty well since he is cheap and I am practical. Grant won’t buy something for 10.00 if he has ever in his whole life seen it for cheaper. So we could spend a week trying to find the particular item for 4.00 or for free which would be even better for him. Anyway, we don’t have long to transform the hard edged metal furnished Javaology into a cozy comfy welcoming Danneman’s Coffee. Joe has given us a tight budget so we are trying to make the most of it and we haven’t gone over it too much. . . yet.

Danneman’s again

What once was old is new again. Joe Stewardson and partner Kate Pedrick will soon be opening Danneman’s Coffee in the Old Fourth Ward, in the building at the corner of Edgewood and Boulevard that for years housed DANNEMAN’S Super Market and more recently Javaology. About five years ago, Stewardson bought the abandoned building from the Danneman family and restored it, leasing the corner space of the original market to his first tenant, the Javaology coffee shop.