Tango the Night Away

Last night there was the Bario Norte Milonga in Sandy Springs put on by Lynda and Rick Wilson. I really wanted to go since Duane and I had not been making it out to Sandy Springs to Rick and Lynda’s class on Monday nights for the past two months. They are fantastic teachers, really good at showing you the technical details of each move which was great. Problem is Sandy Springs is 35 minutes away from where we live. Once summer came and we got lazy we started to go to Decatur to Horacio’s class ( five minutes away) on Tuesday instead. Horacio doesn’t give a whole lot of instruction but Duane and I knew the steps we just needed to be comfortable dancing them. And in Horacio’s class we dance and dance and dance. It was just what the doctor ordered.

I had been anxious about dancing tango in close embrace. It wasn’t so much being close that bothered me it was how the hell do you do the steps when you are smushed up against another person and all of our classes to that point had been open embrace. Hallelujah, Horacio’s class has cured me of most of my dance anxiety. He plays a song, we dance; its over and we change partners and we dance again and so it goes all night with just a few tweaks to the moves added along the evening.

Last night was the first Bario Norte since we have been taking Horacio’s class and it was heavenly. I felt like I could really dance and keep up with everyone. Amazing. I have calmed down and can really just totally enjoy it. Yes!!!! Not perfect, but oh so much fun.

This week there will be a milonga at Danneman’s Coffee in the Old Fourth Ward. There will be beginning lessons at 8:00 and then Osvaldo will be playing live which will be a real treat. I am definitely going to go early because I plan to ride this horse for as long and fast as it will go. Giddyup.