Using Social Marketing to Job hunt

I like this idea, great social marketing. Rebecca Keegan is fresh,funny and unemployed. She is the former Hollywood corespondent for Time Magazine and now, since she lost that plum job, she is going around Hollywood being filmed doing interviews with interesting people with whom she might get a job. See her interview of Watchman Director, Zach Snyder. I know about Rebecca through her husband Marty Keegan (at the end of the video, her is the guy on the couch playing at playing the guitar).

Marty stayed here with us in Atlanta, at the Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast, while his short film, Verboten, was in the film competition at Dragon Con. He didn’t know before he scheduled a five day stay , what Dragon Con was exactly, so when he found out, he spent a lot of time hanging out with me. It was great to have Marty here as a guest, since Duane was out of town for three weeks setting up the Republican convention. I was really glad he turned out not to be one of those pale, paunchy guys that dress up like Darth Vader, and have never had a date. His film won an award too. So good work Rebecca, I am sure you will have a job soon!