Vegetable Soup Day

My mom makes the best vegetable soup. The secret ingredient that makes all the difference between good vegetable soup and a great one is the lowly cabbage. Last week when I first got sick, my sister Mary offered to make some for me but she never got around to it with all the Xmas shows she has been doing with Felted Heart and her two kids. So yesterday, I broke down and made a pot. It was really good. Then of course Mary called this morning and told me she made a pot today. So now we have a plethora of soup.It keeps all week and freezes well too.

Here is the recipe:

Fill a large soup pot half way up with water.
Add some beef soup bones
Two Large cans of peeled or crushed tomatoes
(May use an additional can of Rotelle tomatoes and chilies, if you want it spicy)
Cut up 3/4 of a small cabbage into chunks (much larger than for coleslaw)
Two Onions diced bite sized pieces
Four Carrots diced bite sized pieces
A cup or two of green beans cut into inch pieces ( can use fresh frozen)
A cup or two of white corn off the cob
4 large diced potatoes ( any kind)
Cut up zucchini, summer squash, broccoli and or okra, in any amount desired.
Salt, pepper, Rosemary, to taste.

Cook with a lid for several hours.

You can really put just about anything into it as long as you do not forget the tomatoes and the cabbage. Enjoy.

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