Wedding at the Urban Oasis

My friends Mickey and Jackie tied the knot Saturday night, here at the Urban Oasis. Jackie’s Mom, Kathy and Dad, Jack and her Aunts and Uncles also stayed here for the weekend.

Back in the fall, when Jackie and her mother went looking at event spaces, Jackie told her that she knew of a great warehouse loft space that did weddings. But I think a warehouse space didn’t exactly fit her mom’s pictures of the setting where Jackie would get married.

So Jackie and her mom went around town to all the event spots one long day and at the very end of their list they made it by the Urban Oasis. When Kathy came through our door, her eyes got really big and I knew, she knew this was the spot.

I am glad they decided to have the wedding here. I really kind of knew they would. It made it more fun for me than the usual event since I know the bride and groom and all of their peeps. I told Mickey today, that the other thing that made this event so special was the number of friends who played a part in producing this amazing event; by doing the flowers, the decorating, the catering, set up and take down. They were all excellent at what they did and we had fun. The space looked fantastic, it was a beautiful ceremony, the Sana Blues band was a hit, Everyone danced, and the whole damn evening was glorious.

Now it is dusk on Sunday night, everything is clean and quiet.  I am exhausted, but happy.
You can see more more photos on Flickr. Congratulations Mickey and Jackie!

2 thoughts on “Wedding at the Urban Oasis

  1. Judi, Jackie & Mickey
    Beautiful wedding. Jackie & Mickey, Loved seeing you at the foot of my floor cloth with Vic’s Perfection / Blessing : ” Fun is the goal, Love is the way, Truth is the path.” My best wishes for many lifetimes of all that Love you have cranked out with much Fun. Peace n’hugs, x0x0 Callahan

  2. Dear Judi, I can’t imagine a place nearly as interesting, funky, beautiful, and welcoming as yours for Jackie’s and Mickey’s wedding. Our family thanks you so much for making their day/evening/night as special as it was. Within a few minutes, I felt as though you were part of our family and we, yours. Our deepest gratitude to you for EVERYTHING, including making all of us, family and friends from all over (mostly N.J.), feel at home. Best wishes, Barb
    P.S. I was amazed that, of all the foods you might have served for breakfast, you came up with cheese grits, which I’d told the airport limo driver was the only dish I was hoping for while in Atlanta!

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