Who is that masked Wigwam Lover?

I ran across a blog today, Chronic Tea, written by someone that obviously fancies the Wigwam Building. I am thinking that it may be one of the new owners of Unit D. I had to read many of her posts before finding that clue. And I think it is a her, but maybe not.

The Wigwam is a very special community of twelve units. There are eight in the original historic building and two duplexes with an additional four units.  Its cool that people who live at the Wigwam are very dedicated to it and to each other. I really like that about it and I am glad that I helped create a place where there is that connection among the residents and that in general it  seems to make people happy.

Speaking of happy, I finally got around to getting the pond tiled with these wonderful blue green and white mosaic tiles. I will take some pics of it and will post soon.

2 thoughts on “Who is that masked Wigwam Lover?

  1. Yes it is a her and a he! We have been in LOVE with the WIGWAM for a very long time and now we have one of the units for our very own. The mosaic tiles are just so wonderful. We look forward to meeting all y’all real soon!

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